women empowerment

AHS promotes women’s collectives that provide economic, social and political independence to women. Over the decades we have helped create and promote more than 2000 Self Help Groups (SHGs) that support women in health and livelihood.

Of particular focus is Single Women or Ekal Mahila as they are called locally – women who are leading their families due to being widows, divorced or separated. We have established Ekal Mahila Kisan Sanghatana as a platform for awareness for their issues to be brought to the forefront. 6000 single women from Vidarbha are members of Ekal Mahila Kisan Sanghatana.

Several small activities have been started by single women such as goat rearing, poultry, shops, vegetable selling, tailoring, food processing, vermi compost production, etc. to aid in income generation.

Also we have created ‘Samvadini’ as a platform for legal aid in getting better access to their rightful property rights, access to credit and access to government schemes. So far we have established 7 Samvadini groups in the region.